The 30 Best Gin Brands for 2022

Gin finds a home in an array of iconic cocktails, many of which likely first featured Old Tom and have since been tweaked to accommodate the more ubiquitous London Dry style. As the gin landscape continues to evolve, those same drinks now enjoy limitless opportunities for experimentation. By definition, all gin must afford juniper the starring role in its botanical bill — the list of herbs, spices, fruits, and roots that give the spirit its character. Now more than ever, distillers are placing an almost equal focus on the supporting cast, creating spirits with a sense of place, or offering a more approachable entry to the category for those who find juniper’s piney character to be challenging. On this list, you’ll discover all of those styles: gins that represent the pinnacle of London Dry alongside bottles made with hand-picked, wild ingredients. The selection represents more than 100 bottles tasted, and inclusion in the ranking depended upon factors such as quality, value, availability, and — most important of all — remaining true to the juniper-laced soul of gin. Stick the Martini glass in the freezer and make sure the ice trays are filled: Here are the 30 best gins to drink in 2022. Named after the “Tree of Life” in Nordic mythology, Askur Yggdrasil gets top marks for the sheer amount of information included on its label. There, you will learn the provenance of ingredients and production process, which includes column-distilled French wheat spirit and botanicals such as Balkan juniper, Spanish citrus peel, and Icelandic water for proofing. Those seeking the CliffsNotes should know that this is a dazzling expression of London Dry style gin that over-delivers for its price. Average price: $21. Rating: 92.


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